Saturday, July 25, 2009

Living the Life

I know all of my loyal readers have been long awaiting a new post and to them I say, "I'm sorry, surprisingly nothing that exciting has been happening to me."  In place of an interesting story I shall share a story about my mundane life:

This week in order to make up for my 10 hours of work last week (due to birthday festivities), I worked a grueling 27 hours.  It was the most painful thing I have ever done.  I couldn't go out drinking every night or sit on Facebook for 8 hours a day.  Do you know how much this hurt my sanity? 
I once took a quiz online to see if I had an internet addiction and one of the questions was: "Do you often think of soothing thoughts of the internet when stress or under pressure?"  To which I answered "always."  Facebook is my meditaion, its my soother, my alpha, my omega, my provider, its always with me... you get the picture.  
While at work this week I did many important things that many may see as small insignificant details but the way I see it is those tasks change the world one child at a time.  For example: today we had too many supervisors so I used my extra time wisely and I went to Einstein's bagels and picked up 19 delicious circular treats for the workers.  Had those high school students, who so willingly (while complaining and rolling their eyes) teach over privilege children how to swim, not had something to sooth their hunger they would have most likely ripped off the arm of a 4 year old asian child and eaten it for a snack.  Obviously a child's life was saved by picking up those bagels. 
These are the type of tasks that separate a Swim America hero from a Swim America Zero.  I would like to leave you with this: if a child my die because of a carnivorous swim teacher's hunger for human flesh feed that hunger with a cranberry bagel.  Everyone will appreciate it.


  1. Classic: "Swim America hero from a Swim America Zero" I am definitely of the hero-type :)

  2. write a new post. I'm bored with your life already....


    the better ryan