Sunday, July 19, 2009

My First Post.

Okay so here is my new blog.  I mean I know that this is so 2000 and late but I'm doing it anyway.  I mean most people ask what my blog is about and I mean its about me...duh.  So keep reading and all that jazz.  

So lets discuss today. I went to a gay bar tonight, Novak's, and it was karaoke night.  Needless to say there were some real treasures. Lets discuss Bob, the host of karaoke.  Apparently tonight was his 10 year anniversary of doing karaoke.  Bob is probably 45 or so years old and he had a young boy, who could not be a day older than 15, on to stage.  They proceeded to sing a lovely duet to George Michael's Freedom.  As they sang bob proceeded to grind up on his 15 year old lover.  It was quite the spectacle.  Then a lovely he/she name Jaqulin got up and sang some country song i didn't know but Jaqulin had the face of a woman yet the stunning body of a 60 year old man.   It was more beautiful than you could ever imagine.  I couldn't help but picture myself as a 60 year old transgendered, as any ordinary person would do, and I concluded that if I had half the legs that Jaqulin did I would feel like a success in life... duh.  I think that what can be learned here is if you ever get the chance to go to a gay bar's karaoke on a sunday night do it.  It can only result in a true spectacle of freaky delight.  

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